Thursday, November 15, 2012

Anime: Suki-tte Ii Na Yo - aka Say "I Love You" (2012)

I was randomly checking to see if more episodes of Kimi ni Todoke have been released for us non-paying viewers (err...not yet, which means I'll probably have to pay to finish watching and rating. Tch!). I stumbled upon this title and gave it a test drive.

Immediately upon opening, you can tell the atmosphere of this anime is different than the usual happy shoujo titles. The color palette is very muted and watching the school girls at the train station point and laugh at our female lead, already tells us that this is going to have some dark, slice-of-life qualities.

I can't decide if I like our female protagonist, Tachibana Mei. Her surly demeanor and heaviness just brings you down. I want to like her, but I haven't quite gotten there yet. Our male lead, Kurosawa Yamato is interesting. My eyes want to line up his asymmetrical, emo hair which is distracting but he is likable. He's not just popular because he's hot, (isn't that the sole reason why we watch shoujo anime sometimes?) he also sticks up for others. We see hints of his darker side which is what keeps him interesting.

And what do we get an abundance of right from the start? Kissing! No time wasted there. The pay off is quick so we'll see how the momentum of the story keeps up. I'm looking forward to completing this one.

*Update 1-28-13* I lost interest in this due to the introduction of sabotaging side characters (really dispise them). Maybe I'll continue, and that's a big MAYBE.

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