Monday, October 22, 2012

Anime: Kimi ni Todoke (2010)

I recently browsed and started an anime that seemed interesting but soon after completing the first season, I asked myself, why did I even waste my precious time?

Kimi ni Todoke is sweet and feel-good right from the start. Endearing Kuronuma Sawako for all her shyness and innocence is someone worth supporting and rooting for. She is somewhat different than your standard dim bulb. She is academically astute only socially challenged and misunderstood. Kazehaya Shota is also non-standard, not aloof or a delinquent. Cute and very likable and friendly to everyone.

Finally, a shoujo anime worth watching! I will have to keep in mind that the manga series is still going so this anime won't feel complete (the pitfalls of watching adaptations). Is there a way I can take a day off from work and just do a marathon? Love this one!

*Update 1-28-13* I completed season 1 and hope to start season 2 sometime in the upcoming months. The feel of the anime is just like the manga. I'm looking forward to watching more.

*Update 2-25-13* I completed season 2 and am really happy with the ending considering the manga is still going. Most of the time, I feel dissatisfied with open-ended endings (ie. Fruits Basket) but this one was just right. I loved the innocence and purity of Kuronuma Sawako. Kazehaya is just like his name implies: fresh as a breeze. 5 out of 5 very satisfied stars.

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