Monday, April 13, 2009

Thoughts / Review: Kuroshitsuji

I guess I did enjoy this title for the most part. I did get excited with each new episode. Most had their own self-contained stories and Greil Sultclife was the most entertaining villain/supporting character. There was even one episode that was kind eye-popping (Sebastian seducing a church devotee for some info). Holy smoke!

My problem was the ending. I was expecting Ciel Phamtomhive to overcome his despair and somehow become a happier person. Maybe I was expecting too much. This was definitely not a happy ending anime. I think I will read the manga in hopes of changing my disappointment with the anime.

Overall, those who are interested in goth, supernatural, blood/gore would enjoy this title.

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Anonymous said...

btw, not sure if you've heard it. They're having a second season of Kuroshitsuji. Was dissappointed with Season 1 ending cos sebastian's true form was not shown...