Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Plug into Web 2.0

I recently have been thinking a lot about the way our lifestyle has evolved. With all the press about printed newspapers stopping production and becoming obsolete, this is the harsh reality of our technological age.

I can recall a time back in college when the school Intranet was a black screen with white text and ASCII codes...scrolling and scrolling. That was what I knew of the online world at that time. I had a computer with a dial-up modem. I tested it with a friend and we would dial each other's telephone line and then type messages to each other on a blank screen (early version of Instant Messaging!). I found the World Wide Web one day probably through a news report on TV or a conversation with a fellow student. Seems that even as 1996 was coming upon us, there were still some students who didn't know what the WWW was. Haha, 1996...seems like such a long time ago.

You are not considered a regular member of society now unless you are technolgically plugged-in in some fashion. Who doesn't have an iPhone, raise your hand! What unfortunately comes with being plugged in that you become visible and people can find you. Like Facebook for example. I don't think there's a single person in the 12 - 39 age group without a Facebook account today (except for me of course). Old classmates who are starving for nostalgic olden years live there. They will ping your sister to get your contact info so they can invite you to your high school reunion.

I refuse to get sucked into Facebook. However, I am on Twitter. I established my Twitter account awhile ago, before it was known as the next Web 2.0 app. Like with everything else that's out there Twitter will get replaced, but for now I am having fun with it. Adding someone on your list to follow puts you really close to them. Closer than reading a blog. I am following Gavin Newsom and he's following me too. Hilarious right?

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Corie said...

Hmm, a direct link to Newsom..I'm digging that you have a great way to continue the fight for a better California!