Monday, March 30, 2009

Thoughts / Review: Twilight Saga 1 & 2

So I haven't done any marathon reading in a long while. I was excited about the Twilight books after watching the movie recently. I actually read book two, "New Moon" before the first book.

While the movie adequately introduced us to Bella and Edward, book one definitely offers more in-depth exploration into their personalities. Edward is actually a lot more fun in the book. He is a bit arrogant but very charismatic and I didn't quite get that impression while watching the movie. Bella is your standard damsel in distress and that much was the same in the book as well as the movie.

We don't see much of Edward in book 2. This one really focuses on Bella's emerging friendship/romance with Jacob Black and the discovery of his latent talents. Bella and Jacob's interaction is really what carries the second book. With each turn of the page, you're wondering if Bella is going to change her mind and fall for Jacob instead. Love the suspense!

From the negative reviews that have cropped up all over Amazon, it would seem a lot of fans find Stephanie Meyer losing steam with her story ideas in book 3 and 4. Book 3, "Eclipse" the paperback edition doesn't release until August 2009. I'll see how long I hold out before buying. Maybe I will resume reading my Vampire Hunter D novels until then.

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