Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Reprise: Twilight

I decided to watch this movie again after having read Book 1 & 2. This time around, my analytical visor was on.

It is my belief that the many fans of Robert Pattinson is a direct result of their initial vested interest in Edward Cullen after having read the books. One very important thing I noticed was that Movie Edward lacked charisma. At the very core of Book Edward, there was always fun, charm and a boyish/childlike wonder. Movie Edward is only good at brooding, squinting and wearing big James Dean hair and don't forget the RayBans. The movie version definitely played up his predator side but it's obvious R. Patz's struggled to hide his thick accent and the poor guy had to talk with fangs. (Side note: If you've ever heard Antonio Banderas talk about his experience as Armand in Interview with the Vampire, I would imagine R. Patz had similar challenges with those damn fang teeth.) His dialogue was strained and seemed so labored. I was definitely more disappointed this second time around. The only thing consistent with my previous impressions was that I still don't think Robert Pattinson is good looking. I wish it were otherwise, really!

I think Kristen Stewart has great sleepy-bedroom eyes. I enjoyed watching her again and really like the way she portrays Bella. I hope she continues to breathe the same kind of life to Bella in subsequent movies to follow because I certainly don't feel good about seeing so many different-styled directors signing up for theses movies (high probability of botching).

Overall, I think I liked the movie less this second time around. I am disappointed that I feel that way but it just didn't have the same lustre as the first time I saw it. I might have skipped the movie review altogether if I had read the book before watching the movie. In my opinion, Edward was meant to stay in the book, not be a wanna-be James Dean on screen.

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