Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Within the last month, I have wasted probably a total of about 5 hours watching ridiculous, poorly scripted, unnecessary sequels.

First one is the Hanazakari no Kimi Tachi e - 2008 Special. The special 2 hour episode is supposed to answer those lingering questions and fill-in-the-blanks from the J-Drama series. One character from the manga, Julia, who never made it into the series popped up in this special. I was actually glad that they didn't include her in the series because there really was no place for her. The script for the special was obviously an afterthought. Everything felt very piece-meal and choppy. All the events featured were dreamt up just for the purpose of keeping Hanakimi alive two hours longer. Rubbish.

Second time waster is the Hana Yori Dango Final Movie. Ugh! This one was even longer and even more unnecessary than anything imaginable (leggings anyone?). When we finished Season 2 and Makino and Doumyouji live happily ever after, that's the end. The movie decides to explore and test their relationship to see if they really are meant for each other. @#$%#@! Again, a useless 2.5 hours riding on the HYD hype. I even downloaded the director's cut which I'll bet was even more painful than the theatrical version. I am shocked with the time I've wasted. I want my five 5 hours back.

Speaking of Hana Yori Dango, the K-drama version is now airing but I have decided not to watch it. I've already watched the J-Drama version (both seasons) as well as the Taiwanese version (completed the first season but couldn't finish the second because it was absolutely terrible). I think I've invested enough time in HYD. I've been reading Dramabeans' recaps and that's good enough for me.

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