Tuesday, January 18, 2005


My dreams are normally non-existent. Sometimes I dream about my favorite J-Rock idol, Gackt. But those are usually brief and fade as soon as I wake up. Other times I dream about people from the past.

Just this morning, I dreamt about my old high school friend Steven. The dream was a really really long one. It picked up where it left off every time I gained some conciousness and dozed back to sleep. I haven't seen him in about 10 years and every now and then, I wonder what happened to him. If there was anyone in my past that I really wished to see living happily, it would be him. He always seemed somewhat eager to dive into things regardless of the consequences. I think he honestly just wanted to belong and be happy because home life was tough. He seemed like a lost puppy dog (he would probably kill me if he heard me say that, haha).

High school really was a different time. A lot of people don't ever seem to recover from it. I hope that when I do see Steven on the street one of these days, I will see him with his wife, child and a big smile on his face. :^_^:


Anonymous said...

High school was an odd time. I've been trying to track down a high school friend for a while -- last I heard, he'd moved to New York. I can't find much though; Google only turns up his old email address. I'm baffled as to how a person our age who's pretty Internet savvy could have such a small presence online! Have you tried looking Steven up? I did find my elementary school "boyfriend" -- we're talking second grade here -- though Google. I'm still debating whether to contact him.

Happy New Year! - charlene at 39elle

ichigopan said...

Hi Charlene.

I agree with you, in this day and age, how can someone be so hard to find? I've tried tracking Steven down but with absolutely no luck, all dead ends. I guess I'm just going to have to rely on the old fashioned way... destiny.