Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Psycho for Xmas

I have come to believe that more and more people are f*ckin' crazy during the holidays.

The other day a co-worker mentioned that she was slingshot in the face with a piece of candy while she was standing outside Circuit City finishing up her phone conversation. Another co-worker mentioned a Coke can was thrown at him while he was on his bicycle. All of this happened within days of each other.

Today, a title company rep filed a complaint against M, saying he talks too much and is eating while he works. The complainer is actually a fellow basketball team mate of M's. I told M not to play this upcoming season and he has already notified the captain. What an @sshole.

Oh yeah, while I'm at it. M's cousins have changed their minds and have decided they want to have Xmas in SoCal afterall. As a result, my FIL is also not going to come up. So my date with Ikea is on again this Friday to return all the crap I bought last Friday in preparation for guests.

People can't handle this sickening sweet time of year. Can you? Are you feeling good will towards your fellow man? I sure as hell am not feeling it.

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Jon Tsuei said...

I guess this time of year doesn't necessarily bring out the best in people, it just brings out the real person inside. It's too bad people have to try and go out of their way to ruin someone else's day. M's ex teammate is a jerk and I hope he gets what's coming to him. Karma definately has a way of paying people back for the things they do.

As for the Xmas party, sorry you have to go return all that stuff. But we'll still have a good time even without the other guests.