Monday, August 16, 2004

Toys & Life

Ok. That's it, I am hooked on another line of designer toys. Over the weekend I bought three Baby Qees from Kidrobot. I ordered the last Series 1 mystery figure on Friday afternoon from My Plastic Heart before I left the office. So four Baby Qees and counting. eBay has a UK seller selling some cute ones. Too bad I don't have the money just yet. Didn't I say I needed to buy a shelf first?

My in-laws are coming to visit next weekend. We have to buy an Aerobed this weekend from either Bed Bath and Beyond or Costco, whoever has it cheapest. I also will need to scrub the bathroom so it's nice and clean for guests.

Christina and Michael plan to go to China first next year so they passed on our invitation to Japan.

My brother is in prep class. He is preparing to take a licensing exam to sell life insurance. He has been hired by a company located in Concord (I forget the name)

Today is only Monday right? Ugh...

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