Wednesday, August 18, 2004

We All Need Toys

You know, I used to get on M's case for buying too many toys. He tends to pick up action figures, especially Superman and Batman figures. But since I am now buying toys as well, I accept his toy buying a little bit more. Mind you, my toys have a higher value due to their demand so it makes it ok for me to buy them. Heh heh.

Just today, I was surfing for more Be@rbricks and Baby Qees and came across some really nice Star Wars figures. I automatically forwarded pictures to M via email. I should just keep the info to myself to prevent his interest, therefore securing more money for my toys. I guess toys are kind of an exciting thing for both of us now.

Makeup and designer clothes are no longer on my focus list. I thinks it's solely due to finding my holy grail makeup line (Giorgio Armani) and I love buying designer clothes cheap at Loehmanns. I will never pay full price for designer stuff ever again. The thrill of the hunt is gone thanks to these two achievements, so onto collectible toys.

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