Friday, August 13, 2004


Yesterday, I was just perusing around and stumbled across a cute bear on eBay. Qees (pronounced "keys") are made by Toy2R, a Hong Kong company. These figures have been a round for a bit and they are somewhat like Be@rbricks. Various artists design these figures. Qees have about eight different body shapes. This weekend, I will be heading to Union Square (again) to check out these critters.

My next large purchase will be a bookcase from Ikea to display all of my collectibles. M and I have agreed that we will put the bookcase in the empty guest room for now and will move our toys to that room. My collecting obsession isn't over yet. I seriously should buy some new clothes instead because I need those more badly than toys. Maybe I need children too so that way I will stop collecting stuff. Haha.

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