Monday, August 02, 2004

Model by So-Young Lee

I have been reading a new manga called "Model" by So-Young Lee, or Lee So-Young if you want to be precise. Bishie alert! The artist of this manga is also a painter. As you can see, her art is gorgeous.

The first volume was released around May of this year by Tokyopop. So far, I like it! It's about vampires which some of you may know is a no-brainer for me. Um, hello? Big Anne Rice fan here *waving arms in the air*. I don't know if maybe I am just weird but whenever I get a new manga I really like, I tend to flip through it over and over again until I can absorb every detail in my mind. I linger longer than necessary on the romance scenes. I can waste a lot of time just staring at manga pages.

Ken, the dark haired bishie above, is my bishie pick of the month. M says he can't understand the appeal of guys looking like girls in my mangas. He showed me a male character in one of his comics who had bulging muscles and facial hair and said, "See? I can tell that this is a guy." Obviously, M only reads hetero comics. No line blurring with him, hells no! He can't process that. I can't wait for volume 3. :^_^:

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