Tuesday, August 03, 2004

The Drought

Double Punch finally called me to tell me they found a Crybaby bear and was going to sell it to me for $30. Thirty bucks! I know the bear is kind of hard to get but $30 is just too much. I contacted an eBay seller I have bought from before and he's selling for a little less but once shipping is factored in, I'm not saving that much money. Oh well. At least I am still saving money. I have decided that I will need to buy a nice display case for these bears after my monetary drought is over.

Just yesterday I went to the bank to deposit all of M's coins that he had acquired for the last five and a half years in his Whoop Ass can. We sat down one Saturday evening, opened a bottle of wine and counted all his pocket change and wrapped them in coin wrappers. It only took us about two hours with the aid of a coin sorter machine. But our heads were quite clouded after the wine and I think M was hung over the next day because he went to the gas station and forgot to turn his engine off while he was pumping gas. Nice one.

So the lesson here is, when you are going through a monetary drought, make sure you utilize alcohol with caution. Worse things could've happened, like miscounting the change in those rolls.

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