Thursday, July 15, 2004

Absolutely No More!

I scored one more bear this morning! Mwahahaha! 2002 Halloween This really is not healthy. My is growing everyday. $30+ a bear? Most girls would buy clothes and shoes right? What's wrong with me?


Anonymous said...

But, but, they're so cute! And unlike clothes and shoes, they might actually appreciate in value. Just don't go into Beanie Baby mode and blow *all* your money on them, with the misguided notion that the collection will be able to put your grandkids through college. I'm sad because we can't afford to buy a Dunny artpiece to put in our living room!

Anonymous said...

Oh, and duh, that was me posting. - Charlene/39elle

ichigopan said...

No beanie babies for me. I just don't see the appeal of those things. Bearbricks are all the same size and you can line them up neatly like soldiers. Dunny figures are really cute too. Have you seen the larger Bearbricks? The 1000% versions? They're about 3 feet tall. Now that would be cool to have in any livingroom. $$$$, I am also sad. :(