Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Wednesday Hump

I am hoping the work week will be nice and short thanks to Monday's holiday. We were in Ventura visiting my FIL. Mirabeau and I took Dad to see "Man on Fire" with Denzel. It was good. I haven't seen a really good dramatic movie in a while so this was worth it. We also did some shopping at the Camarillo outlets. The highlight of my shopping was Ulta. Ulta is a lower-end Sephora. It's just a glorified beauty supply store dotted with drugstore brand cosmetics. I wouldn't go there on a regular basis but they do have a nice selection of Japonesque makeup brushes. I'll have to build my travel set the next time I go. Thankfully we beat traffic on the drive down and up. Overall, it was a good trip.

In Tamagotchi news, I finally won an auction for a Devilgotchi! I didn't win a coveted color but that's quite alright with me. These puppies are still highly expensive and hard to find. I had to buy it from that scammer in Singapore. I call him a scammer because he snatches up all the good stuff from a very reputable seller and then resells them for a much higher price. He was unable to move his products in the first few weeks because his prices were too high and therefore was forced to lower them. I actually bought the Devilgotchi from him at a much lower price than his initial purchase price. About $50 less than what he paid. LOL. He's obviously new at this. Thought he could jack up prices and make some bucks! Ahaha...haha...ha..hahaha. Anyway, the next Gotchi on my list is the Santaclautch. :^_^:

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