Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Whatchoo Been Up To?

The painters start today. I hope my house is still standing when I get home. The 6X6 post by the front door is also being replaced. It's holding up the side of the house up so if they don't provide proper support before they yank the post out.....I just hope my house is still standing when I get home.

I received my rare patterned first generation Tamagotchi yesterday. It's now sitting in my box of unopened collectible toys. I should do some searches on eBay to see how much my three collector's edition Barbies are selling for. I know my FFVII extra knights action figures are going for as much as $45 each. Maybe I can sell that limited edition Bratz doll that Mirabeau bought for me. ^0^

I also received my Mogu cushion in the mail yesterday. I think it's way overpriced for what it is. Swimsuit lycra covered styrofoam beads. I was using it to support my back while sitting in bed playing Metroid Zero Mission on the gameboy. It's soft and has high squeezability, but I think this will be my last Mogu cushion purchase. Can't see where all the hype is.

One final update, I decided to venture into the realm of current music trends and took a listen to Black Eyed Peas' Elephunk album. Hmmm. I think they have a really good sound and tap into different music styles. Good beats, samples etc. But I just can't stand the lyrics! "Lets get retarded...let's get stupid" 'Scuze me? Quick, someone give these guys a copy of Literacy for Dummies. :^_^:

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