Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Card Collection

Just this past weekend, I asked M to save his shoe box for me to use for my card collection. I picked up some really cute cards last year when we were in NY. The cutest ones were the letterpress and Jack and Lulu scratch and sniff cards. I enjoy collecting these cards but can never bear to use them. I always feel that someone would just toss them aside after opening the envelope and wouldn't see the charm and sentimental value of keeping them. What a waste that would be. I personally am guilty of tossing cards aside after I view them. Maybe it's because people buy those run-of-the-mill cards that are all too common and boring. If people were to make an effort to seek out original designs and take the time to write something nice, maybe I would be inclined to keep their card in my shoe box to read again in the future. For example, I only have one card I have kept to read over and over again. M gave me this really cute card for Valentine's day a few years ago that he found in the $1 bin at Papyrus. It had been tossed around and there was a crease going through the middle of the card. It had a box of chocolates and flowers and some other picture on it and his written message was that he wanted to give me all of those things pictured on the card. *Sniff* So cute and touching, definitely worth keeping. :^_^:

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