Monday, May 17, 2004


So here I was, perusing on eBay, continually adding highly coveted Tamagotchis to my watch list, hymming and ha-ing over if I want to bid or not when I somehow stumbled upon something called a Mogu cushion. What's a Mogu you ask? It is a cushion invented in Japan, made out of styrofoam powder beads encased in a swimsuit material cover. The sensation this cushion provides is a state of well-being and ultimate huggable comfort. This new technology became an instant overnight sensation. It was so popular that stores in Japan could not keep them in stock. One store sold out 300 cushions in one day. I became intrigued. I began to do some research and soon enough, I ended up ordering a cushion just to see for myself....

Now, if some of you have not noticed already, I seem to have favoritism towards Japanese goods. I can't explain why, but for some reason I just seem more drawn to their culture than my own. Maybe it's because I enjoy their manga, anime, cuisine, aesthetics, innovation etc. Maybe Chinese things are too familiar to me, therefore making Japanese things "wow" and Chinese things, "blah". Anyway, will share with you what I think of this cushion once I receive it. Their website has been added to my link list for your viewing pleasure. :^_^:

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