Friday, May 14, 2004

Jackson Browne Hair

You know you totally need a haircut when you look in the mirror and notice you resemble Jackson Browne--Asian, female version. Thank goodness I have an appointment tomorrow. Let's see, it'll be ten weeks tomorrow since my last haircut. Growing out your hair sucks.

Tomorrow night, we will be having a late Mother's Day dinner. My mom was the chairperson of last weekend's Mother's Day event hosted by her women's association (forgot the name). The event raised enough money for her organization to sponsor a $5,000 college scholarship. She is actually Vice President of this association. GO SOPHIA! She is usually too busy so I never get a chance to find out details. I don't even know why she joined in the first place when she has more than enough to do already. I guess I can ask her tomorrow.

Julienna mentioned that she also saw 13 Going On 30. A fun movie. Jennifer Garner dancing to "Thriller" was pretty hilarious. She does the head twitch really good. I read an article on her in InStyle magazine and she is a real goofball. Nothing like the tough, ass-kicking Sydney Bristow. I think she is still dating Michael Vartan. Ah...Michael Vartan. Anyone see Mists of Avalon, Never Been Kissed, One Hour Photo? He's in all of them. He's another one on my list to watch. :^_^:

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