Monday, May 03, 2004


I meant to update this blog on Friday but then got side tracked cuz Blogger invited me to beta test Google's new Gmail. So far I like it and it is extremely easy to use. Email for the lazy. No folders to file your emails in, instead you create a label and archive. When the time comes to search for that email, enter relevant text into the built-in search engine and voila, your email is found. Plus you get 1000MB to store your emails so you won't have to delete often or worry about running out of space. Pretty nifty idea. I wonder when they will release it to the masses? I hope they keep the user interface and aesthetics because I find it better than any other free email client out on the market. I'm such a geek. =D

On Thursday last week, I went to the Urban Design Collective. The event showcased up and coming Bay Area women designers. I got to meet Charlene who is the owner of 39elle. She is really sweet and I read her hilarious blog on a regular basis. I bought one of her t-shirts and got a lot of people looking at my chest over the weekend. Must be her genius at work. I also met another nice lady, Hovey Lee who designs jewelry with semi-precious stones. I went to her open studio event Saturday and purchased two necklaces from her. Ah, I sure miss the design world. I opted for the safe route and am now sitting here in my cubicle writing this entry. Teehee.

I also received my Angel and Garden Tamagotchis in the mail on Saturday. Currently playing with the Angel one but it's home on pause mode. Still anxiously waiting for the US release. My other electronic project is Metroid Zero Mission. Samus has returned for another adventure. Nothing like blasting aliens and powering up your suit's abilities. I gave up on Metroid Fusion when I couldn't beat the giant alien spider named Yakuza. LOL. So hopefully I will make some headway with this one. ^_^

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