Thursday, April 22, 2004

Catch Up

Wow. It's been a while since I've added an entry. Christina and Michael came and went. They seem to have enjoyed themselves. We took them to Napa, Union Square, my Mom's house, the Castro and the Cherry Blossom Festival in Japantown. I think they enjoyed eating more than anything else. The Boo and I could not keep up with them. So glad I don't see them on a regular basis otherwise, I'd be one fat gal.

Our vacations have been approved so we will be going to Anime Expo 2004 for sure. I wonder if Bandai will be there? If yes, will they have any Japan release Tamagotchi Plus available? Hmmm....tempting as that may sound, I have decided I will wait until the US version is released which will be around August. *Sigh* I plan to buy two so Boo can raise one too. Mwahahha. He's not too thrilled with the idea. This will be a fatherhood readiness test for him. I want to see if these two Gotchis will mate and raise children.

In the meantime, I have decided I will plunk the cash down for a Japan release older Gotchi. Here are my choices at the moment: Angel Gotchi, Santa Gotchi, Ocean Gotchi, Forest Gotchi. M says he will email his cousins in the Philippines to see if they can get me a Devil Gotchi which by the way, is very rare and hard to find. Last time I checked, eBay has two and each current bid prices are $150+. Yipes! I may be crazy but I ain't THAT crazy. Okay?!!

Andy, guess what? When I was down at the Castro with C&M last week, we walked by a new bar that recently opened, ingeniously named, "The Bar". Cute boys lined up half a block just to get in. The place was so packed you couldn't even step foot in there. You could like fit your big toe into the hallway. And remember our favorite bar, The Cafe? Remember that side balcony overlooking market street where you went to smoke if you wanted to be squished? They sealed that off. No more balcony. We first went up to The Metro and incredibly, that place was pretty empty. Must be The Bar's doing. Ugly boys were at the Metro, cute boys were at The Bar. Christina even commented on how many cuties she spotted. I seriously don't miss The Castro very much. Been there, done that ya know? Michael was the one who was curious. Like watching Will and Grace isn't enough, he wanted to see the real thing with his own eyes. He got to see two guys make-out right outside that coin-operated toilet. Now that's real....word. ^_^

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