Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Shopping, here I come!

Mwahahahaha. Christina and Michael will be here tomorrow! I will work from home so I can wait for them. They will be stopping at all the outlet stores on their way up. Lucky. They may even stop off at Camarillo. I'm so jealous. But anyway, I'll do my own shopping soon enough.

Napa is the first destination on Thursday. We will be having lunch at Mustards Grill and dinner at the CIA Greystone restaurant. Toss a few wineries in there, possible a sake winery too. I will also look up that museum Mirabeau and I went to that last time we were in Napa. We're taking a vacation in our own backyard. Our next major vacation will most likely be the Anime Expo in July. Made hotel reservations for that today. Hope Mirabeau can get the vacation time.

I don't think I'll be able to work today. I'm already thinking about plans for the rest of the week. Where to shop, where to eat. Michael says he wants to be fat and broke by the time he returns to L.A. That can be arranged. ^_^

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