Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Stanford Park Hotel - Yummy Food

So here I am, at work, stuffed from lunch at the Stanford Park hotel. Grilled chicken and portabella mushroom sandwich on seasame bun with lavender glaze fruit. Mmmmmm. And I also had coffee and fresh fruit crisp topped with vanilla ice cream. Ooooooh man. I am skipping dinner tonight. I was there for our monthly Executive Assistant meeting. This time, it was held in tandem with a tour of the Stanford Park hotel. The hotel sales team gave us a complimentary tour, lunch sampling and review of the amenities and services they offer in hopes of winning our long term business. Nice, classy property. If I had known earlier, I would have had my wedding reception there.

Still raising my Angelgotchi. It's in its final adult stage and will probably go to heaven in another day or two. After it moves on to the afterlife, I will start to raise an unhealthy character in hopes of getting either the devil character, smiling cactus or the lucky poop. Yes, you read that right, lucky pile of dung. Heard it's easy to get, just leave the unit on and neglect it for a week and you'll get the lucky poop. LOL.

Since Julienna is asking, this is the unconfirmed info I have: Bandai will release the new Tamagotchi Plus in the US in August of this year. So far, I have seen photos of the prototype gotchis for worldwide release. In the meantime, I have been monitoring eBay in hopes of spotting rare previous release gotchis from years back for purchase. Since the Plus version is getting some buzz, eBay sellers have been jacking up the price on the old units. If I had jumped on the bandwagon a few months earlier, I probably could've bought my current two units a little cheaper. Eh, oh well.

Anyway, enough about Tamas. The movie not to watch this year is Van Helsing. Man, what a waste of money. The director decided he was going to make three monster movies but instead of making three separate movies, he squished them all into one. Bah! It was a mistake to see it. I don't even think it's worth renting. Thumbs down.

Recently rented Signs and Serendipity. Both were pretty interesting. Enjoyed watching Joaquin Phoenix in Signs. He may not be super hot, but he can have his moments. He was a priest in Quills and if he were leading mass in church wearing priest get-up, I would be totally paying attention! Another movie title on our list to watch is The Village. Same Indian director who did Signs, Sixth Sense and Unbreakable. Joaquin is in this one too. :D I think King Arthur and Troy may also be on our list, but I am not too overly excited about those. Keira Knightly is in King Arthur and she can be a bit annoying since I saw her in Bend It Like Beckham, Love Actually, Pirates of the, that flat-chested English goil is all over the place! Cherio!

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