Monday, April 05, 2004

Time Change Zombie

*Hssss* I hate time change. It always screws me up.

Friday's dinner with Julienna was great. Even though I had to work late and ended up meeting her later than originally planned, it's always nice to see her. Saturday's dinner at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse was good too. I had enough steak to last me for the next year. Nothing like a sizzling slab of meat soaked in butter in an 1800 degree oven and buttery mashed potatoes to go with. Give me my Smart Balance buttery spread please. No more real butter. Blech!

In order to recover from steak overdose, I have decided this week's menu is light Japanese cuisine. Last night, I made Chestnut Rice. It's regular white rice with chestnuts. The chestnuts act more like a vegetable with the rice. 15-20 chestnuts cooked along with medium grain rice with some sake, mirin and salt, served with sprinkled black sesame seeds. I think there were too many nuts, so next time, I'll make it with only 10-15.

Tonight, I will be making miso brown rice. I think I'll mix white and brown rice together instead of just straight brown rice. Brown rice can be a bit on the chewy side and tough to eat. We'll have some tofu and green onions sprinkled on top along with baby octopus and seaweed salad.

I'm going to be the next Iron Chef. Heh heh.

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