Friday, April 02, 2004

Happy Friday!

Hi. My blog now has commenting capabilities! So please feel free to leave comments whenever (link at the end of each blog entry). Also, if you wish to receive an email notification whenever I post a blog entry, please join my Yahoo Group:

So far, Julienna has asked about email notification but to be honest, I can't imaging my entries really being all that exciting. But if you really want to be notified, I don't mind. ^_^

Ah, it's Friday and Julienna and I are meeting up to have dinner! How exciting! As you can see, I don't get out much these days so dinner with a friend is like going to Disneyland. The Boo will be home watching his horror flicks, Gothika and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. He just wants to see pretty girls running for their lives in tiny tank tops (what a perv!) ^_^

I have been tweaking my blog and new yahoo group page all morning. Haven't done any actual work today. I am however, thinking about what to have for lunch. A playa burrito from Una Mas or something else? There's not much to eat around here. Andy, please fly down from Washington, make Hashi and deliver it to my office please. Heh heh.

My plans for this weekend include a chiropractor appointment, pedicure appointment, my brother's birthday dinner, window shopping at Loehmanns (when Christina and Michael finally get here, I can plunk down some real cash for clothes and maybe, even buy them at full price).

Talk to you laters. T.C.C.I.C. (blast from the past, I'll give a dollar to whoever can tell me what that stands for). :^_^:

P.S. I am slowly adding links of my favorite sites on the left. The Eggpants comic on the Devoted Bee website is quite cute.

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