Thursday, April 01, 2004


Ho ho ho. Welcome to my blog. Since everyone finds it so difficult to keep in touch these days, I thought I would try this and see if anyone would care to read it.


*Waves to Friends*

-Andy, where are you? Hope you and Natedog are doing good.
-Julienna who is so knee deep in neglecting her wedding plans, I'll have to catch up with you tomorrow.
-Simon, when are you going to get married again? Fill me in.
-Billy, Holli is growing so fast and I still have not seen her in person yet. =(

*Waves to Family Members*

-The Boo, *xoxoxo*
-Christina & Michael, oh where, oh where art thou? Less than 2 weeks to go. *arms akimbo, waiting....*
-Jon, Ruth's Chris Steakhouse this Saturday. The big two-five! Man, I feel old.

House News

Our house is still quite unfurnished. Painting is our big project for the summer. $$$ so no vacations this year.

Family/Visitor News

Mom and Dad E will be visiting us over Easter weekend. My cousin Christina and Michael will be visiting right after Easter. Napa Valley, Union Square and Marshall's (yes, you read that right) seem to be on the agenda at this point. We'll figure out the details once they arrive. My mom is on her way back from Guangzhou, China. She was there for a week checking out new inventory for spring/summer.

TV/Movie News

Just finished watching rented flicks Samurai Fiction and Underworld. Samurai Fiction was quite hilarious, definitely a Pulp Fiction-esque movie. Saw Underworld in the theatres and rented it to jog our memory. I still like it, but then again I'm partial to anything with vampires in it. Next on our rental list is The Matrix Revolutions. Neglected to see it in theatres because we heard it was anti-climactic. Let's see if it's true.

Next movies to watch in theatres are Van Helsing and 13 Going On 30. We're Alias fans so we want to see this movie. I hope that there are more funny scenes than the ones we have seen in trailers. You know how disappointing that can be.

Manga/Anime News

I just finished reading Paradise Kiss by Ai Yazawa. Love her to death! She is so talented and has superb fashion sense. I want to live in her mangas. =D Waiting for more scanlations of Tenshi Nanka Janai and Gokinjo Monogatari which are also very good titles by this mangaka.

The Boo is reading Priest, by Korean artist, Min-Woo Hyung. He's anxiously waiting for me to buy Vol. 11 and the series is only halfway complete. I'll sell the whole collection on eBay after he's done reading it to recoup my money. Mwahahaha!

We are thinking of going to Anime Expo 2004. Being held at the Anaheim Convention Center over 4th of July weekend. Still thinking about it. The thought of cosplay teenie boppers (and adults) are kind of scaring us. O_o

My current Animes: Prince of Tennis, Boys Over Flowers
Boo's: Ninja Scroll: The Series

Book News

The Ultimate Rice Cooker cookbook. I just bought this to utilize all the features of my new Zojirushi 5.5 cup Neuro Fuzzy Logic rice cooker.

Overall, we have been doing ok. I find my weekdays are a lot harder on me because I have to travel further to work since moving to the East Bay. I have to pay bridge toll and get gas more frequently. My poor little car's mileage is climbing. I get an oil change every 1.5 to 2 months. I need to win the Lotto cuz my money is being burned away by my car!

This is one really long entry. Better save some for next time. Talk to you soon.

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