Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Botched Miso Rice

So my Miso Rice didn't turn out. It was mushy and burnt on the bottom. Probably because I mixed rices and the receipe portions have to be exact. Then again, I could've been reading the wrong water meter on the inside of the rice bowl (there are 5 water meters). I think I will reattempt later this week. Tonight's menu is Chinese Sausage Rice. The Boo will attempt to start the rice cooker with the correct water measurements. He was complaining that I was making it too complicated for him. I guess not everyone shares my love for exact details. Just ask anyone who's ever heard me tell a story. It's usually 3x longer than it has to be. Let's see if we can have rice for dinner tonight and not instant noodle bowls.

I read on CNN that Tamagotchi's are back. Just when you thought it was safe to leave the house. Bandai has just released the Japanese version in Japan late last month. The new version is called Tamagotchi Plus. The new generation has an infrared port on the side which allows other Tamagotchi units to communicate with each other. They can exchange gifts, make friends or get married and have offspring. How funny. Like a mini Sim game right in your pocket. The original Tamagotchi sold over 40 million units worldwide. I think Bandai is running out of ideas and trying to capitalize on a new generation. I have scoured eBay and so far sellers are selling these little things for over $40 each.

I am debating whether or not I should get one because back in 1996 when these little doo-hickies came to America, I remember the madness at downtown FAO Schwartz. Selina (for those of you who remember her) stood in line to buy one. When she explained to me what these were, I had no idea what she was talking about. Then it hit the newspapers and I was like "Ohhhhhh". Well, shortly thereafter, I ended up getting a generic one called Dinkie Dino. I played with it for all of three weeks and got bored. I never had an original Tamagotchi. So, now that I am married, working and seriously-should-not-be-playing-with-these-things-anymore, I am highly considering getting one. The American version should be released this summer. I'm just researching for now. Not willing to shell out $40 bucks before shipping charges for one at this point in time.

Here's a link to Tamagotchi Planet for those of you who are still unclear as to what a Tamagotchi is. Tamagotchi Planet

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