Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Thoughts: Return of IIjimae (Ep. 1-15 / 24)

I thought I was going to spoil it for myself by reading recaps but surprisingly, I have been able watch each episode with the same anticipation and enthusiasm. The mental notes gathered from the recap function more like mental que cards than spoilers. In fact, I find that in this rare instance, reading the recaps have actually helped me pace my recurring evening date with the computer to a manageable time rather than the usual test of my sleep deprivation limitations.

The acting is great, even the comic relief characters. I generally find the comic relief characters hard to watch due to over acting or lack thereof. Wang Heng Bu, the ridiculous Qing spy-turned gangster would be a potentially tiresome character. But the extreme mannerism and speech of Wang Heng Bu makes him annoyingly awesome and the hilarious bits of foreign language mixed in with the Korean dialogue is unexpected and fun. Like counting in Chinese 1,2,3,4 or throwing in the English word "but" during his conversation with his gang boss. LOL.

I particularly enjoy the Baek Mae and Lieutenant Gu Ja-Myeong storyline. The poor officer was crying in episode 14, my heart was aching for him. Ah, I love it when good acting can move me to tears and Return of IIjimae has done that a number of times already.

Lastly, I don't find Jung Il Woo's acting particularly captivating, but he does get his point across. I think he does anger/frustration better than surprise/dumbfounded. IIjimae's relationship with Wol-Hee is getting a bit draggy and I found episode 14's kiss scene borderline awkward. Jung Il Woo seemed nervous and it showed. But that didn't stop me from rewinding the scene and watching it two more times.

M caught a glimpse of IIjimae's face paused on the computer screen and he said, "That's why you're watching this, he's totally your type." Haha. Hey, I have drama standards, it doesn't hurt to have the lead male easy on the eyes.

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