Wednesday, August 05, 2009

KDrama: Return of IIjimae

So I have been waiting for subtitles and Dramafever uploaded the complete series as part of their countdown to going live. The cinematography of this series is lovely and all the main characters are really likeable. Even the comical ones are not as annoying as you'd expect. I find the narration is actually helpful to keep you on track as the story jumps forward and backward in time. The feel of this series is very much like the fantasy Chinese Kung Fu dramas and movies where people leap tall trees and rooftops in a single bound.

As for the actual lead actor, Jung Il-Woo--WOO WOO! My favorite type, young and girly-looking. His acting is pretty good given this is his first lead role in a drama. He has wonderful potential. I sure won't get tired of watching him. :D

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