Thursday, March 05, 2009

To Watch List - Dramas

I have a list of dramas I would like to watch. Problem is there are not subtitles for them yet so I have to patiently wait.

Painter of the Wind (Korean)

This one sounds interesting because of the whole woman-masquarading-as-legendary-male-painter and fellow lady love not aware that he is a she. I love these types of gender-bending storylines. I think it could be lay over from my manga love of the same style.

Return of Iljimae (Korean)

I am also curious about this one because of Dramabean's recap/reviews of beautiful scenery and good acting. Story is about a Robin Hood-ish character. I have not watched any martial arts dramas in a long while. I used to enjoy the Chinese Kung-Fu dramas despite the poor acting and fake-looking sets. I especially enjoyed the kohl-rimmed eyes on the men. It always made them far better looking than they are in real-life :D

Love Shuffle (Japan)

The story is about four apartment neighbors who meet by chance while stuck in elevator during a blackout. They form a camaraderie and decide on a love experiment by swapping partners every week. I have watched two episodes of this drama and so far my feelings are kind of mixed. While the story sounds interesting, I'm not feeling the chemistry between the actors when they interact as a group. And they interact as a group many times throughout. One of the actors, Matsuda Shota (Nishikado Soujirou on Hana Yori Dango), seems too young and miscast in comparison to the other three actors. He's supposedly this cool, talented photographer who has a married woman as a girlfriend/sleep buddy but I'm just not convinced. I see him as this young boyish actor who should be doing high school dramas or something. He was a great Nishikado in HYD. He seems out of place in this one. I want to like this drama but finding it...meh.

So these are the top three on my list at the moment. There are some others titles with not-so-good-looking actors which I may throw in but these days, getting back into shape is of higher priority than watching dramas.

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