Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Mini Mac Attack

It is unfortunate that we live in a Windows business world. We cannot function in the work place without it. However, due to Mac's marketing and cool revamp in recent years, I can proudly say that I am a new Mac convert (at home).

We traded our old, beat up Dell Dimension 4500 for a new Mac Mini. Entry-level Mini upgraded to 2GB memory and 250GB hard drive. We originally partitioned the HD with Windows XP but it didn't work - probably due to faulty install disk. I'm thinking of buying Office 2004 for Mac. I've heard from various users it works fine opening files between both Windows and Mac platforms pre-Office 2007. Since my office is going Windows Vista come spring, this might be a problem in the long run. Sigh, back to square one.

In the meantime, wow! I own a Mac! I never thought I would fall in love and be swayed to the otherside so quickly. This little machine is fast. It is amazing how easy it is to set up. I have my Leopard OS X Missing Manual book but I found I haven't used it much. It's easy to maneuver around but just "doing". Everything is relatively intuitive and menus are easily accessible and straight-forward. My main concern was being able to download and playback all my Korean dramas. Especially .AVI and .SRT file support. I found a piggy back program which I added to Quicktime and it works just fine. Again, I say..wow, so easy! Ridiculously so!

I can't wait to tinker further and see what else I discover. I love to tinker and this one is definitely worth the time and money.

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