Monday, October 27, 2008

1st Shop of Coffee Prince

So I've been watching Korean dramas as of late. So far, I've completed Palace, Full House, The Devil and now Coffee Prince. I have to say that this one I enjoyed immensely. All the characters, including the supporting characters were very likable.

The male lead was extremely charistmatic, very well-dressed (not to mention had a hot bod to pull off the threads, wooooweeee!). What I love most about his character was that he was confident but not cocky, intelligent, sweet but mostly, he was very honest with his feelings. And coming to terms with the fact that those feelings were for a man (really a woman but he didn't know that). Wow, I think that is extremely admirable and I totally love him for it. When he professed his love to Eun Chan, my heart was fluttering. I stopped breathing for a few minutes. I think I've since then watched that scene 10x or so.

My other favorite character on the show is one of the 3 princes: No Sun Ki (Waffle Guy). I liked that he was very punk/alternative, very individual. He started off being kind of cold and uncaring but he eventually evolves and becomes someone dependable and a good friend to have. =D

Overall this series was great! Would definitely add this to my rewatch list.

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