Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Pre-Vacation Stress

So our Hawaiian vacation is coming up at the end of next week. I've been sort of stressed out thinking about all the items we need to pack and the potential difficulties in traveling around since this is Seb's first vacation traveling on a plane. If he keeps true to form, he may not freak out on the plane since it's a new place/experience and he will be observant for a good while before he gets curious and adventurous. I am praying that he sleeps on the flight, even for a little while.

The other thing that's annoying is figuring out what kind of food/snacks to bring. I'm bringing instant oatmeal to feed in a pinch as well as goldfish crackers and raisins. I wonder if they have instant fried rice in a pouch like those instant macaroni pouches in Asian grocery stores? I would need a microwave and I don't think we'll find one of those in our hotel room.

If I sit down and start concentrating too hard, my head actually hurts and recently, I've been having trouble recalling items that were just on my mind a moment ago. Argh! This vacation is coming up too fast as well as not fast enough, if you know what I mean. (OT: that Exorcist theme song ringtone is going off again in the creepy.)

Moving onto more important things. I finished reading Vampire Knight Vol. 4

I think the story is developing rather slowly (or maybe I just read too fast). This manga compared to the author's previous series, MeruPuri, definitely has more of a love triangle thing going on and of course, vampires! (My fav.) As with typical shoujo mangas, you have your good-looking, brooding/moody lead male and spritely, happy lead female. Rival good-looking, popular male is also into the lucky happy lead female. Sometimes, I wish I could just be a character in a shoujo manga. My life would still be complicated but the dilemma would be 'which good-looking boy do I like?' versus 'which brand of diapers should I buy?' Overall, I'm looking forward to reading more of this title.

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