Monday, April 07, 2008

Her Majesty's Dog - Volume 8

I picked this volume up with the intention of reading a page or two, 2 chapters at most and saving the rest for my BART ride home. Well, that wasn't the case. I flipped through the whole volume and didn't get to sleep until 1:00AM. I am having the hardest time keeping my eyes open this afternoon.

I think my average time to completion with each manga volume is about 30 minutes. If there's more dialogue and more detail in the artwork, I might take a little bit longer. This volume felt quick. Very "meh"...too quick actually. I think I enjoyed the previous two volumes more when the story flashed back to Amane and Hyoue's first meeting. The main story arc now seems like it's being stretched out at bit too much. I would hate to see it last over two additional volumes.

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Melinda said...

Good words.