Wednesday, March 26, 2008


So my latest research obsession is bentos (why do we Americans always make our own words from other languages like "legos"). My SIL over the weekend mentioned that Union City has opened up a Daiso store. She said she was getting into packing bento lunches. I started reading my usual Flickr blogs early in the morning at work this week when I came upon photos of a Japanese woman's bento creations . Wow! I'm so amazed at how talented she is.

So my latest mind-mull is thinking ahead down the line when I will need to make more interesting lunches for S once he's in pre-school. I also want to give M's lunch more variety. I'm sure he's tired of eating sandwiches all the time. The biggest challenge is how/when do I prep the bento? Do I get up early and prep it or should I consider finding a bento that's microwaveable? When S will be old enough for pre-school, he'll be more self sufficient so maybe I won't need to spend so much time getting him ready in the morning, he can do a lot of it himself, therefore, freeing up my time to prep bento lunches? I'm not sure that I can get up early enough. Gotta think this through. Errrrg!

Here are some really cool pics of bento box supplies. Me want!

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