Monday, August 01, 2005

J-Drama - Orange Days

Over the weekend, I finished watching a Japanese drama called "Orange Days." Drama synopsis here. It was a cute series. I enjoyed it.

The drama writer, Eriko Kitagawa has penned a number of successful dramas such as "Beautiful Life," "Long Vacation," and "Say You Love Me." The next drama on my list is "Trick." starring Yukie Nakama who was the yakuza boss/teacher in "Gokusen." From what I have read, it is a funny mystery series along the lines of X-files. Sounds interesting yes?

My preoccupation with boy band Arashi is coming to a close. MatsuJun and the others had their run. My new "it" boy is Satoshi Tsumabuki who starred in "Orange Days." :^_^:

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