Monday, July 25, 2005

Arashi TV

I've been downloading a lot of videos of Arashi. TV shows mainly. Arashi has about 4-5 different tv shows that air on Japanese TV.

The most entertaining videos I've seen to date are the Learning Chinese episodes of Mago Mago Arashi. Each episode is filmed on location in a setting related to the dialogue lesson of the day. For example, the very first Chinese lesson took place in a Chinese restaurant and the boys learned the basics of ordering food and the names of food items. At the end of the lesson, the boys were quizzed and then their performance were scored and ranked.

I really enjoy watching these episodes (always tear-streaming hilarious) because these are the only ones I actually half understand. It also provides a good lesson for me. There are some formalities of the Mandarin language (Peking Go as known to Japanese folks) that I have never learned because my conversations at home are so informal. So these episodes are great to learn mannerisms, new words and phrases that are native to China.

The Chinese instructor seems to have found a favorite student, Sho Sakurai (see below). She seems to always compliment him, not to mention give him hugs too. Ah, Sakurai is charming and going to exceed Matsumoto soon as my favorite Arashi member. Sakurai...Matsumoto...Sakurai...Matsumoto...*plucking flower petals*

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i love you sho sakurai!!!