Friday, May 06, 2005

What Now?

Bullshit...let me count the ways. While I was on vacation last month, my long-time reliable Honda Civic (aka Pepper) was stolen, crashed and found, all within a 12 hour period.

The asshole who stole it, most likely a novice drag racing youngster, left it abandoned on the freeway blocking the left hand lane. All indications point to a punk Asian kid. Why? Who else would want the following items

1. Two terribly faded stuffed toys, a Disney Grumpy and Nyago cat
2. Two Asian bobble heads, a tiger and a panda
2. My cell phone headset
3. My import Gackt cd
4. And, the best part, my Special K cereal bar was eaten and the wrapper was left on the front passenger seat

So all this refinancing I was counting on to fix up my house is going to my downpayment on a new car. Insurance has totaled it. I am driving a rented Chevy Cavalier which insurance will only cover $15.00 a day. The rental is only for 30 days with a maximum coverage of $450. Not only am I forced to buy a new car, start yet another car payment and be that much poorer, I have to pay for a portion of this rental car out of my own pocket.

This one event has snowballed and affected my immediate financial strategy. Thanks to moronic claim adjusters who always seem to be out of the office, idiotic document processors who can't type therefore delaying my closing date, and my couch has arrived with the remaining balance due. There's still more bullshit I have to sift through with zero cash to my name all thanks to bullshit. T_T

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