Monday, May 23, 2005

TSX Accessories

So now that I'm driving around in my new Acura TSX, I need to work on getting it accessorized. I have to tint the windows to keep out those nasty UV rays and protect the leather seats. My Civic's seats were no longer charcoal gray, they were gray accented with a lovely pink sheen thanks to Mr. Sun.

In the mail is a cargo net. M's gets a lot of use out of his cargo net in the Pilot. I could definitely use one too. Splash guards are also in consideration. More money to plunk down.

I find a lot of info about what people do to their cars on forums. One I've been visiting lately is Acuraworld. One of the most popular modifications is to change out the interior lights to match the accent blue lights that illuminate the gear shift box and compartments. So instead of white colored map lights, you can change them to blue, red, get the idea. This is one of the easiest modifications you can do yourself. Most opt to change out everything including the trunk light, door lights and interior dome light. That's a little much for me. People sure love their cars. The best reads are threads that debate about nothing. Such fanaticism really fascinates me.

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