Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Tech Support

I really do not enjoy dealing with tech support. Sometimes you get a tech who speaks 90% in tech jargon - a hard conversation to follow. The worst thing about tech support is the excruciatingly long wait on the phone.

The other day we called Sony to troubleshoot M's laptop. He thought he damaged his LCD monitor because we discovered the top left corner pixels are brighter than the rest of the monitor, but only on Windows XP's start up screen. After an hour on hold and 30 minutes of troubleshooting with the tech, the conclusion is that the discoloration on the LCD is not physical damage but rather the result of our most recent Windows service pack update. Our desktop is also showing the same discoloration at start up. The good news is, our LCD is not broken.

I called tech support again today. Different issue this time. I am trying to configure my boss' video conference unit to be IP call capable. Two tech support parties need to be involved for this headache. One for the video conference unit and the other for the T1 ISP. They need to speak to each other to get this configuration off the ground. So far it's been a lot of phone tag. Fun huh. This project has been going on since November of last year. Since the holidays came up, I put this on the back burner. It has been resurrected and here we go again.

I should be thankful that there are people in the world willing to sit on the phone and walk us through our technical problems, but the wait time sure is sucky.

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