Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Uh, hi. I'm still alive.

Been very very busy at work. No time to do anything. I'm happy to report that I have received my Botkier Trigger bag and love it. Now I need to work on getting a new wardrobe. Sunhee Moon will be my next excursion this weekend. My sister-in-law claims they have pants that fit with no hemming required. She's a lot smaller than me so we'll see. But nice to know Ms. Moon tailors to petites like me.

This weekend is appointment catch up. Next weekend is Julienna's wedding so we'll be in SoCal for that. I'm so busy! My friend Billy says I should go have dinner with his family sometime on a Friday so I can finally see his daughter (who just turned 1 and I still have never seen her in person). >_<

Also been trying to start a new workout routine so I can show my perfectly toned body in my perfect Shoshanna bikini next April in Hawaii. Bwahahaha. I laugh because I hate exercising and because my bulgy belly is here to stay forever.

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