Monday, July 26, 2004

Short-Term Movie Memory

So this weekend, we went to see The Bourne Supremacy. It was pretty good. But I am usually pretty bad about remembering details of films especially if they have multiple parts. I can watch a movie and then forget it completely within a week. At the end of the movie, I had to ask M, so how did Conklin die again? It was not crucial to know this but it's just one of those things my mind won't retain because he died at the end of the first part so he was wiped out of my mind, completely forgotten.

The most recent movie in which I do recall details in would be Kill Bill Vol. 1. Since we had rented part 1 only about a week before watching part 2 in the theatres, I fully remembered what I needed to in order to piece everything together. But if you ask me about details now, I have already forgotten most of part 2 and just about all of part 1. 

And don't ask me details about Lord of the Rings or Star Wars, cuz you know it's already filed away in a safe place inside my head and I don't want to dig it out right now.   

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