Monday, July 12, 2004


Sarah McLachlan always puts on a terrific show. We thoroughly enjoyed it. In fact, she sounds so good live that I no longer want to listen to her recorded albums. But seriously, the best part of the show was not the $15 parking or the $40 concert t-shirt. The best part of the show was the rowdy girl sitting in the row in front of us yelling at the top of her lungs after every song, "ROOOOOOCKS!" She was up on her feet the whole time, not even really dancing, more like flailing her arms in the air and just swaying to a beat only she hears. Her boyfriend just sat in the seat next to her, embarassed into silence staring straight ahead. Thankfully, rowdy girl sat at least 8-10 seats to our left so she wasn't in our direct field of vision. I find that the majority of the concert goers were pretty polite but for some reason, the people sitting behind us and the rowdy girl were disruptive and rude. I blame it on the alcohol. The worst part of the show was when a seat-hopping couple came to sit next to me. The guy was so smelly that I thought my clothes would start to smell if he didn't leave soon. Mirabeau sitting on the other side of me could smell him too. Thank goodness he left after two minutes. Thank you God!

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