Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Tamagotchi Connection

Weeeeee! Bandai has officially announced the arrival of the Tamagotchi Connection to the U.S. (see press release). On Sunday August 15th, Mirabeau and I will be standing in line at KB to purchase these little gadgets. I'm excited! I have been waiting and checking Bandai's site for some time now. I wonder if people will go nuts over these again like back in the 90's.

I am currently playing with my Devilgotch. I am debating if I should purchase more than one unit and keep them for collective purposes. eBay will be hosting charitable auctions of special autographed Tamagotchi t-shirts and Tamagotchi Connection pets beginning next Monday to benefit pediatric AIDS. You know I'll be logging in and checking out the wares. I already purchased a new glittery case from Japan to put my highly anticipated new pet in. By not getting into the craze in the 90's, I guess I am making up for it now. Who knows what I was doing back then. Oh yeah, trying to get my romantic life in order. LOL!


39elle said...

romantic life, shmomantic life -- who needs boys when we have cute toys to play with? Not *those* kinds of toys, you dirty-minded peeps. Thanks for the link to our site! Ha! Your list of links have a lot of the same ones I have (uh, in my head). I just met Hovey Lee at a Urban Design Collective meeting. And I met Jack & Lulu (don't remember their real names at the moment) at the stationery show in NYC -- they are sooo sweet. I love mogu, too! And I have that weird Chinese (so lame! but wait, I'm Chinese; does that make me lame?) / Japanese (so cool! are you sure I'm not Japanese?) conflict, too. Hey, we're twins! Wheee! - Charlene

ichigopan said...
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ichigopan said...

Doppelganger. Hi sis! We were probably siblings in a past life. I traded a sister for a stupid brother. :D