Friday, June 11, 2004

Chore Weekend

This weekend is chore catch-up. We borrowed a pressure washer so we will be cleaning the walkway and driveway. It's going to be a pretty tedious task but I am ready for it, *rolling sleeves up*.

I have been listening to Hall & Oates greatest hits. I think they had a pretty good sound. R&B and kind of new wave. They were pretty good mixing it together. I'm surprised that radio stations don't play their songs more often with their flashback 80's programming. Maybe their sound wasn't as generally popular?

Speaking of the 80's, I just came across a group that I had forgotten about. Clan of the Xymox. I have three of their albums and was feeling quite nostalgic while sampling their songs on Amazon. I'll have to dig up my albums at my mom's the next time I go back to SF. They are a Dutch band and I would categorize their music under goth. Their early stuff was not very goth in my opinion but a reviewer on Amazon tagged them as "Dark Wave". I guess that's as good of a description as any. Their recent albums sound too much like The Sisters of Mercy and is very appealing to the new generation. Bah, how disappointing.

Does anyone else think it's too convenient that all government offices and banks are closed today in observance of Ronald Reagan's funeral? I think I need a government job.

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