Monday, October 03, 2016

Anime: Orange (2016)

Two years of zero activity and I'm now back on binge watching. Sorry if my taste is eclectic (extra picky). I even have a hard time committing to manga. I will only sit through something if it's compelling and can keep my interest.

I read Orange about a year ago and LOVED IT! It had been a long time since I enjoyed a series and liked every single character. This story revolves around six friends and the heart of the story is their friendship. It is especially nice to see how the limits of friendship will go between these friends and I really cheered for them time and time again.

What is especially great is the looming weakness of our protagonist. I find most manga protagonists fit into standard molds. Kakeru is quite interesting without being predictably expected to behave like we're used to.

The anime has a new side character woven in without detracting from the main plot. I was not thrilled about it in the beginning but overall it was done well and changed things up a bit. I definitely recommend watching even if you've read the manga already.

5 out of 5 stars

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