Monday, August 08, 2011

KDrama: Heartstrings/You've Fallen For Me (2011)

Jung Yong-Hwa and Park Shin-Hye

I've yet to finish my last drama. I will get around to it, or so I keep saying without conviction. I'm a bit of a sucker for school romances in drama as well as manga format so this one just couldn't be passed over. I tried to follow by reading recaps but it just doesn't scratch the itch and I caved.

It's a sweet drama full of school-life fresh innocence. The conflict is trivial and while I love watching Shin and Gyu-Won's moments together (and that's plenty good enough for me) we need to have some kind of plot. I've conveniently overlooked that little essential requirement and will just keep focusing on the cuteness.

Jung Yong-Hwa has improved since his supporting role in You're Beautiful. I think his acting is better than Kim Hyun Joong in Playful Kiss. Unlike Kim Hyun Joong's blindingly perfect chompers (nothing wrong with them except they're just too perfect), Jung Yong-Hwa has awesome, real-world crooked teeth.

After episode 11, we're getting into mediocre territory. The threats and consequences are too unrealistic and I find I'm having a hard time staying engaged. Will update as it progresses.

Dayum, when didja get so fine Shin Woo Hyung?

*Update 3-7-12* I'm so bad, I don't think I ever finished this drama. I think I lost interest and just let it die a quiet death. When my attention starts to wane, I just read recaps and move on. Poor Shin Woo Hyung, you deserve better bro.


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hehe love the picture caption ;)

I'm slowly getting around to finishing the series, it's not really capturing my attention but at the same token I don't want to drop it after watching so many episodes :/