Friday, November 13, 2009

Viv & Ingrid - Holla!

Historically, I do not win anything. If you take me to Vegas with you, I will not be the person who has clinking coins cascading out of a slot machine. And don't ask me to buy a lottery ticket, I am not destined for riches. However, I can certainly look richer with the help of Viv & Ingrid. These two ladies really know how to design classic accessories. Impeccably hand crafted, their jewelry adds the perfect finishing touches.

Viv & Ingrid held their first Twitter Raffle this week. The contest was to tweet what you love about V&I. I had never written Haiku before but thought I would try it as an entry idea. The only thing missing were the forward slash marks but honestly, this was my very first attempt and someone liked it! Yeah, I'm surprised too.

V&I cute posts
Sugar twinkle girly stuff
Squeal delightfully

I won the silver four leaf clover posts. Woohoo! Lucky me! Thank you V&I!

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