Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Thoughts: You're Beautiful

Left to right: Jeremy, Shin Woo, Go Mi Nam/Nyeo, Tae Kyung

Completed the first two episodes. While I was watching, I couldn't help but notice that this drama feels a lot like Hanakimi. Tae Kyung is pretty much Sano Izumi and Jeremy is Nakatsu, minus the crush. Definitely a lot of similarities there. As with most Kdramas, it's going to be pretty obvious who gets the girl in the end. But, I would like to see if Shin Woo gets to first base with Mi Nyeo. I think that might be hoping too much but it would be nice if dramas would be daring like Coffee Prince and take a chance. These directors and writers need to give the audience much more credit. We can be pretty accepting once we've emotionally invested in the character. Don't disappoint me A.N.Jell. :^_^:

I have also been listening to the OST. It's kind of repetitive since a couple of the songs from the drama have been recorded by the actors. The catchy songs unfortunately get stuck in your head and I can't turn it off!

-Update- After completing episode 6, I am really loving this drama. Not since Coffee Prince have I felt so anxious waiting for the next episode. I honestly really like all three of the male A.N.Jell members. Maybe Tae Kyung and Shin Woo slightly edge out Jeremy but all of them are really likeable. What is really awesome about Go Mi Nam is that we know she is an innocent girl thrust into the idol world for the sake of her brother and finding her parents. It makes us root for her and we want her to win. Plus, she's living with three hot guys. Just the shenanigans alone are worth watching. :)

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